Essential Oils & Cats

Featuring Loverboy the Feline


     You care about your cat. That’s why you’re reading this. The real question is, can our precious feline friends come into contact with essential oils? Let’s get down to the hard evidence. Not all essential oil companies create the same quality of essential oils. I would not touch some companies oils with a ten foot pole myself – yet alone my pets. Read about the only essential oil company I trust here and why. 

Let’s find out. But first – 


     You are an advocate for your own health, your family’s health, and your pets health.  These statements are not approved by the FDA, and should only be used as a guideline for your personal use with essential oils and your animals. This statements are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat aliments. They are for education purposes only, and do not substitute for medical counseling with a health care professional. If your pet is having a true medical emergency – please contact your local veterinary technician. 

How to: A Savvy Modern Natural Life?

   Yes, I know. How is it that someone can engulf themselves in natural living practices, and still brings their pets to the vet. Weird right? But, you’ve found me!  I believe wholeheartedly that vets are there for a pretty big reason. Although, please know that there are holistic vets out there. During this blog post, I will be referencing a textbook written by 12 different veterinary technicians! Cool, right?! (Info below).

Comparing blog to blog

  I’ve have probably personally read over 150 blog posts regarding pets and essential oils. I am literally that crazy obsessed with that I bring into my home, and how it effects my family dynamic. Each blog post that I read was written by different individuals. Some provided some facts, and some just provided scare tactics. But, I was hungry for solid information. My 5 cats deserved more.

Introduction Excerpt 

In the book, “Essential Oils Animals Desk Reference“, it states

     “Caring for your cats with natural products is one of the best ways to make sure they live a long and happy life. Because of felines’ unique way they metabolize synthetic products and drugs, the more “green” you can make your home, the healthier your cat will be.”

Now we’re talking my language.

     I can’t give away all the information within this book. But, I can tell you that it covers hot topics like Safety, Applications, and Dilutions for cats. More importantly they cover WHY essential oils are good for not only felines, but other species like canine, avian, reptile, equine, and even livestock and wildlife. 

Essential Oils in MY Home


   1.) I have found that diffusing essential oils has been the most effective way introduce essential oils to my cats.

    2.) I always use caution when apply essential oils to my pets. There are certain guidelines to follow regarding application. Read them in the Essential Oil Desk Reference Guide.

    3.) When I am uncertain on how little or much to use on my cats, I use a pre-diluted line of essential oils (above) for absolute reassurance.

Additional Essential Oil & Pet Safety here.

  Community Support

     Now that I have gotten your feet wet… when you are ready to start on your essential oil journey with these awesome pet friendly oils, and are seeking to join a community FULL of pet enthusiast like myself, it’s time to hop on the oily train with my team.  Tidbits of how to:

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     Please leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback. (I just ask that you keep it positive)! I would love to hear your concerns, and dreams. Thank you for taking the time to read for your furry friend. ❤

Warm regards,

Oilin’ Boss Babes 





The day you meet your Spirit Guide…

I can’t wait for you to meet your spirit guide. There is such joy and revelation in it. Please don’t be discouraged if you have not seen yours yet. The nature of this information is not to dishearten. It is to help you better understand when it happens to you. Spirit Guides will reveal themselves to you when your ready, especially on your time and terms. There is nothing scary about it. Join me for a short life experience….


Most people think it’s “too hard” to see, hear, and/or feel spirit – more specifically YOUR spirit guide. I’m here to tell you It isn’t. It comes as naturally as breathing…


My hope for you my dear – it is for you to come to terms with that you have a spirit guide, and they are waiting for you to become your higher self. I have never given an insight to anyone regarding my spirit guide. I was too scared. Until now.

  The Woman in the Clouds

Picture yourself. Four years old. It’s time to play outside on that wooden swing set, you know, the one with one of those big green tube slides. Today it is sunny late spring day, a little breezy with a dash of warmth. Your best friend at the time chases you down the slide, and you both run to the middle of the yard and plop down on your backs. As you look up to the sky, there are big fluffy clouds. You and your friend decided to free-heartedly to play “the cloud looks like” game.

You look up into those big fluffy soft clouds- and are in awe! Amazed even! A woman in a bright red dress, with long brown-black hair is smiling fantastically at you. She’s waving happily, almost violently, to make sure that you saw her. You ask your friend: ”Did you see her?! In the clouds?! She was waving at me! Your friend sadly doesn’t see your mysteriously odd woman in the clouds. Actually, they call you weird & run away.


That was me, almost 20 years ago. I felt insane and inadequate for noticing this woman. I shoved the memory of her aside for a very long time. She knew though, at that time I was childlike, plus I was willing to receive the happiness she had in store for me. It was not until relatives and friends made me feel weird for speaking such things. I later on understood that the only reason they responded with such divert was that my words made them feel uncomfortable.

Flash forward to present day, early twenties, and working through the muck of life. Working a ton, and barely resting. Understanding your place and abilities in the world.

Ghostly Cats & Letting Go of Negative Emotions

Today, my mother and I went to a woman who is an empathic healer. Beautiful stones, plants, and apothecary were displayed throughout the home of this spiritually cool woman. Pixie-like with gray hair. I just love her. I knew I was right at home when I heard a cat meow multiple times throughout the session. She later on informed me that she currently had no living breathing earth walking cats in her apartment.

I went first, which was amazing by the way. She did a lot of healing stone work also.

Next was my mother. This pixie woman asked me to watch her preform, because she intuitively picked up that I am empathic also. As I am sitting in a chair, my eyes wander, and across the room I see something jaw dropping…

spirit guide

This was the woman I saw in the clouds with my own two eyes. Right down to the hair and the clothing. Waving at me vibrantly almost 20 years prior. How could this be? Staring at me? I gasped so loud that I had to explain myself to pixie lady and my mother.

Trust yourself when you get a thought, word, or image in your head. You are capable of remembering more than you recall. Recognize it. Believe the information. Store it in your memory bank. It will stay there until you are gently reminded years later of whom you saw exactly.

My blood ties are Native American. I feel at home in the woods. Near running water, my feet grounded to the earth, surrounded by nature and animals. So to me – of course it makes sense that my Spirit Guide is a strong female Native American. I have recognized my thoughts, and believed myself.

                  Will you do the same?

I’d love to hear your own personal Spirit Guide stories, or questions. Please share your personal experiences in the comments section. [ I just ask you keep it positive  ❤ ]


Blessings to you,

Oilin’ Boss Babes



Perfect gifts, time constraints, and coffee.

Fa-la-la-la NOPE. The holiday season snuck upon us once again! And as a busy woman myself, I know what you are thinking. Between working long hours, messy buns, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee runs before you literally die, and sending out work emails at home, does anybody really have time to sit still and think about the perfect gift??

If your like me – gift shopping can send you into an anxiety ridden panic attack. Let me show you the Oilin’ Boss Babe way to Holiday Shopping all from the comfort of your jammies…


Less is definitely more.

Now I am not talking about minimalism or giving last minute gift cards. I’m talking about things they’ll actually want and use! It’s not as hard as it may seem.


Give them what they really want. 

Take a look around! Everyone is either trying a new form of jazzercise, heading to a cycling class, or jogging with a fancy flavored kale smoothie in hand. What does this mean? People WANT to be well. Stop wasting your time searching for THINGS. They don’t need another piece of anything.


Give the gift of wellness.

Below is your exclusive oily holiday guide to gift giving.

Non-synthetic bath bombs 


For the busy person seeking stress relief. And trust me, Young Living’s bath bombs are the bees knees.


Chemical Free + Natural Makeup 


For those who need their lip gloss poppin’. Young Living literally just released the new Savvy Minerals Makeup line at this years convention. Lip gloss, eyeshadows, foundation, highlighters, and THE SOFTEST MAKEUP BRUSHES EVER. The perfect gift for the natural makeup junkie!


Smooooth faces & legs









For those who shave. Leaves your friends skin soft, hydrated, and smelling heavenly!

Silky Lumberjack









For the sea captain in your life. My hubby is in love with how his beard feels with Shutran Beard Oil, and he smells AH-MAY-ZYNG 😉


That Prego friend with the cute baby 


Mainstream baby lotions and wipes are so last year. These smell so good, and parents can take pride in knowing there is literally NO CHEMICALS in the Seedlings line. I even use the wipes for a quick makeup remover, and as my dryer sheets! Unique, thoughtful, and happy baby bottoms.


The Namaste Yogi 


For the flexible, and peace seekers alike. This holiday exclusive includes Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend, Aroma Siez Essential Oil Blend, Peppermint Essential Oil, Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oil, Tranquil Roll-On, Thieves Spray, and super cute Carrying Case. Hurry though, this looks like it will only be around for the holiday season.


Fuelin’ the burn 


For a quick pick-me-up energy boost, or for enhancing focus during exercise, Ningxia Nitro is for the workout wellness seeker. Filled with awesomeness like Young Living essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract, Ningxia Nitro supports alertness, as well as cognitive and physical fitness.


Shopping Spree Time!!!

Get your perfect gifts here.



xoxo, Lexi the Lemon Lady ❤